Cold winters and bad habits

There is something about the winter which makes eating healthy, light foods less desirable than during the summer. Some reasons include available ingredients, the fact that rich aromas and flavors warm the soul and that we tend to shrug off health in favor of indulgence.

“Why eat healthy!? I’m already freezing my @#$ off

Over the past few weeks, i’ve fallen into this bad habit. Making rich and delicious foods that have helped to ward off the cold but have left me feeling slightly guilty and complicit in our society’s indulgent ways… Of course this feeling faded quickly and i made sure to eat my fruit and veggies to balance my nutrient intake.

The truth is that my problem has more to do with my general dissatisfaction with my habits then with my recipes. Although rich in saturated fats and sodium, the recipes themselves included vegetables, a good quantity of fiber, protein, vitamins and minerals, which made them well rounded and acceptable. 

However, i want to cook great food that is very healthy. I believe in it. There are so many fantastic vegetables and alternative proteins to saturated fat rich meats, to create an almost infinite amount of great recipes. These are the recipes i want to explore, to create. My habits recently have been overwhelmingly influenced by french cooking techniques. I’m eating too much meat and go about creating my recipes around a meat protein. Time to make some changes!

 Less saturated fats! Less meat! Less frying! Less Sodium!

there you have it; addition by substraction




One thought on “Cold winters and bad habits

  1. Personally, there is nothing I find more appealing than a properly done vegetable. There is such beauty in that simplicity. Not to mention that the use of vegetables is so much wider in terms of textures and flavours than any other food group. Veggies can be the ultimate chameleons. As a reference, you may want to pick up Patricia Wells book “The Vegetable Harvest”. It’s classic French food but all recipes that start from a vegetable, instead of protein, in the plate and build around it.

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