Healthy unhealthy snacks… :)

Homemade guacamole and salsa

I’ve never been much of a sweet kind of guy. I’ve always preferred savory foods, perhaps this makes me lucky, i don’t know. I’ve still had many vices; junk food, butter, heavy french foods, salt, salt, salt… hehe

I’ve always managed to avoid giving in to my vices by keeping my cupboards bare of unhealthy snacks and foods. Instead of having a bag of chips, I have nuts, or sardine cans, or veggies and dip… Simple foods that i can nibble on when hunger strikes or I’m just procrastinating about something I need to do…

Another way to avoid eating too much junk food is to eat acceptably healthy snacks such as corn chips with healthy dips or salsas. Fill yourself up with nutrients and still get the pleasure of that salty crunch.

With this in mind, I looked through my fridge and found ingredients that needed to be used (making dips is simple, and great when you need to use older ingredients that aren’t as fresh as you’d like them to be) and made a homemade guacamole and a homemade salsa.


Both are simple and are full of healthy nutrients.

Here’s the ingredient list for both; fresh Cilantro(coriander), coriander seeds, cumin seeds, green chilli pepper, avocado, red onion, lime, lemon, green bell pepper, carrots, tomato, dried basil, garlic, olive oil, salt+pepper


  1. cut avocado, remove seed and skin, finely chop red onion, garlic, cut tomato, cut cilantro leaves, cut chilli pepper(remove membrane and seeds for less spicyness)
  2. toast cumin seeds and coriander seeds in pan, about tbls, until they start to pop in pan. avoid burning them
  3. use grinder or mortar and pestle to powder your toasted spices
  4. mash avocado, add lime juice, lemon juice(not too much, to taste) mix in ingredients from #1
  5. add about half the ground spices(to taste, i’ve kept some for the salsa) salt+pepper
  6. taste, balance flavors
  7. enjoy


guacamole and salsa

  1. finely chop the green pepper*, tomato*, carrots*, red onion*, garlic, chilli pepper, cilantro
  2. toast and grind cumin and coriander seeds
  3. mix all ingredients, add olive oil, lime juice, lemon juice, and season
  4. enjoy

*I think this salsa is much better when all the ingredients, especially the carrots are cut into nice tiny little cubes. the carrot then is barely noticeable and adds a slight crunch the flavors thus mold to each other better

One last recommendation i would make is that you should look for chips that are low in sodium, saturated fats and trans fats.

Here are some nutrients that these two dishes offer;

  • avocado is high in dietary fiber, vit B6, vit. A, vit. E, folacin and more
  • Tomato is a good antioxidant, great source of vit. C, vit. A, and vit. E
  • Carrots are extremely high in vit. A( 3 1/2 oz of raw carrot gives you around 600% of your daily necessary intake!), they’re also high in Vit. C
  • Green pepper is a good source of Vit. C, Vit. A, Vit. B6

3 thoughts on “Healthy unhealthy snacks… :)

  1. When I was Raw I would slice sweet potato into thin “chips” and eat guacamole with that.
    Like any substitute food, no, the raw vegetable doesn’t replace the salty, oily chips.
    But it does have crunch, as is good unto itself. If corn chips ain’t healthy enough for ya, it’s a good alternative.

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