My Appreciation for Sports

If you’re a sports fan this is a good time of year. The baseball season is starting and soon both the hockey season and basketball season will shift to second gear for the real grind of the year which is the playoffs. There something very nice about  watching sports despite them being generally a complete waste of time.(Feel the inner turmoil of my sports addiction!!! AAAAAAAAAHHH! haha) For one thing it allows people to get together and believe in something. It’s simple and there’s not much nuance to it; you like and support your team or you don’t.

I developed my fondness for following sports through mathematics. WHAT!? haha, Yup, my father would sit at the table during breakfast reading the newspapers important sections and I would plunge myself into statistic heaven, haha. ( I also did this with cars.) You could have have me anything about baseball or hockey statistics back then and I could have answered it.

Then, later during my teenage years, after having moved to Toronto, whose citizens are generally sports crazy, I began getting together with friends to watch the games while enjoying some alcohol.. haha, I was uncomfortable about using fake IDs because I had had a very late growth support which left me feeling very small despite being 5-11, ahah. It’s true, I grew a foot in one year! I went from this scrawny 5 foot tall 16 year old to a scrawny almost 6 feet tall 17 year old! It took me years to realize that I actually wasn’t the shortest kid in the group… hahaha

Anyways, when I moved to Toronto with my family, I scored a basement bedroom which was joined to a basement livingroom which had doors exiting into the backyard. My parents would watch T.V in their bedrooms upstairs which faced the front of the house and I would invite friends, feel cool, and drink beers while enjoying the company of a group of guys, ahah. OH, I was cooool alright! This is how I thought i would be meet girls… ? Don’t ask me how I developed this belief. Maybe it was the self esteem which went up because I had more of the cool guys hanging out with me.. Or just using me. Either way, I actually don’t really think it matters that much at this point. It served its purpose.

Now, I still addictively follow the statistics on the web and I still like to get together with a group of friends to watch something completely irrelevant which we can all talk over and cheer when things are going our way.

So, with this interest of mine having been described , all there’s left to say is GO HABS GO and to a lesser extent(you’ve turned me off this year raptors!!) GO RAPS GO.

Perhaps you are wondering why i’ve shared all this with you(I’m wondering this myself!), well there’s actually a pretty straightforward and simple answer to all this:

When you’re watching sports with a group of friends you need to have some snacks prepared if you’re the host. And i’m going to make sure that if you like it or not, from this day on, having dazzled your friends with fresh, exciting and energizing finger foods, that you’ll never ever ever again have the choice of not being the host!

So come back over the following few days as I share ideas, recipes, and of course my picks as to who will win it all, in order for you to blow your friends away!    



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