Here we are back for more. The hockey playoffs officially started today with the Pens and Rangers having won their opening games, and the basketball playoffs are just around the corner.

Today we’re going to establish the basic rules for what is needed when preparing a get-together for the playoffs.

The rules:

  1. Find out the amount of people you will be hosting and establish a budget
  2. Plan ahead and make ahead; This means that you should have most of your dishes done  hour before the start of the game and if possible many ready the day before
  3. Finger foods, finger foods, finger foods; This is all about a beer in one hand and a snack in the other
  4. Variety. Enough said
  5. Keep the food coming; plan the evening according the the amount of periods or quarters there are in the game. Place some foods which will be there all night and make the according number of dishes which you can pull out at the beginning of each frame of play.
  6. Tasty healthy food means energetic active guests
  7. Plan the night ahead of time; know what to do and when, and don’t get caught having to work while your friends are enjoying the game.
  8. This is your night, so have fun

That’s all I can think of for now, please send me ideas if you have any and I will add them

Tomorrow, I’m going to start sharing full fledged menu options with you.

Game on!


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