Potatoe Leek Soup

A quicky:

Potato Leek soup is a classic. You’ll find hundreds of recipes on the internet and many of them are great. This a version I made this weekend that fit the parameters of the detox I was doing.

around Two leeks

about 5 medium sized potatoes

about 2 L of home-made chicken stock


olive oil

Fresh Parsley

Lemon juice

Use the white of the leeks only, and where its a light green.

sautee in olive oil at a low heat. There’s no hurry, wait until they are nicely translucent.

Cut Potatoes in 4. I used a yellow flesh variety, but really you made use what you have. I think it works better with potatoes that aren’t very “waxy”, but that shouldn’t deter you from making the soup if it’s all you have.

add the pieces to the cooked leeks, and add your chicken stock. I usually make stock every so often and freeze in different sized tupperware in my freezer.Using bought chicken stock will work, but I don’t like it as much.

Gently let it cook until the potatoes are tender or until you’ve reduced the amount of liquids to a desirable flavor. Of course, the longer you cook, the more liquid evaporates and the thicker the soup becomes. This is a question of taste.

When cook, blend, grate some nutmeg and add it with with salt and fresh black pepper.

When you are ready to eat, poor the soup in a bowl, add your freshly chopped parsley, a bit of lemon juice for freshness and a few drops of a good, tasty olive oil. If the olive oil isn’t very good and flavorful this step is necessary.

simple, light and healthy. This is good cold as well.



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