It’s a new year!

Every year, a large majority of us choose this time of year to make resolutions. I am often part of that majority, and even if I know that it is more important to be continuously working on who you are, I do also think that there is a genuinely motivational aspect about starting off afresh, even when it is only a start dictated by a series of cultural codes. Psychologically, having a specific period of time in which one can initiate changes is a good motivator and helps with analyzing the changes that have taken place when one looks back. A new year is only one among many potential dates that we can use to inspire us to further maturation. When in school, the start of each year, each semester ushered in a new mindset, and every year on my birthday I think about where I am in life and reflect upon the path I am following.

Taking the time to re-assess is essential to a healthy life. Opening up the doors to your inner self is a difficult act many of us choose to avoid, but the negative that is found within is also juxtaposed to the positive, and an awareness of those negatives is the only way that one can overcome them.

As always, I am broad in what I’d like to change in my life, and my resolutions reflect that. It would probably be better to establish specific goals if I really wanted to make tangible changes, but I also think that mental health is something that shouldn’t only be related to one’s accomplishing of things. We live in a very material world, and often forget or ignore the peace we can find in the everyday pleasures of simple living. In my mind, it is only with a humble perspective on life that we can truly find lasting happiness. There are more ways than one to be happy in life and we should all search for our own answers in order to develop it.

One of the things I’m going to be working on is developing some creative outlets. Cooking remains my most natural creative endeavour but I’m also really interested in film-making and photography. I’ve started working on it over the last few months. These are pictures of a trip to California last June with my wife, brother and mother. They’re rather straight forward pictures of that trip.

brother, mom and wife soaking in the sun in San Fransisco
My Brother and Wife
The Californian Coast

That’s it for now. I have some links to share with you, new stories, lots of photographs and some great new recipes.

Till next time.


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