Healthy snacks, energy bars, uh.. no, crackers..? yes. That’s right.

Second post today. The last one just kind of emerged from somewhere… Love it when that happens.

So, what I was originally supposed to write about earlier was about my attempt at making a healthy cracker at home. I wrote a post recently about energy bars where I mentioned that I would be posting new recipes, experiments and so on. Well, here’s the second in a long series of these types of convenient food recipes I hope to share with you.

This particular recipe was indeed an experiment. I’d never done this before and assumed that I would encounter some problems, and guess what!? I did. Thankfully for you and I, they were minor.

Here’s how it all went down:

cracker paste

My plan was simple, similar to that of the energy bars(except for the cooking part) – essentially make a paste of your ingredients with a food processor and spread it over a baking sheet. Cook at a low temperature, until dry and hopefully cracker shaped!

Here’s my list of ingredients:

-handful of almonds
-handful of sunflower seeds
-half handful of pumpkin seeds
-One large shredded carrot
-dried grated unsweetened coconut
-2 tbls of coconut oil
-tbls dried yerba mate
-popped amaranth
-3 tbls lemon juice
-tbls honey

I mixed them together in the food processor, applied some oil to a baking pan, spread the mixture out, and placed it in a 300° oven for just over 30 min.

Popped amaranth

Here are the results:

Out of the oven

They came out looking nicely. Healthy to say the least, which some might be enthused about and others not so much….

They tasted quite good, although, the lemon juice acidity at the beginning might not be for everyone. I think I’ll add less next time. Or I might try something else entirely. The texture was good, crunchy and dense, but the big problem was that they don’t hold together. They break into smaller pieces, making for a savory granola looking mix as opposed to crackers.

I’m still rather pleased about having them. I’ve left them out in a tupper on the counter. I don’t think they need refrigeration and they won’t be around for that long anyways.

If anyone has any ideas on how I could bind the paste so that I could get real crackers, please share.

Thanks for dropping by,


5 thoughts on “Healthy snacks, energy bars, uh.. no, crackers..? yes. That’s right.

  1. You may have experienced some problems – but great concept. Binder eh? More honey? Also – where do you get popped amaranth – or do you mean just cooked amaranth?

    1. Well hello there Kristen! Pleased to see you navigating the blog. Once again, congratulations on the engagement. Carolina and I are going to be there. Looking forward to it.

      More honey might work. We’ll see.

      I’m going to write a post about popped amaranth!

  2. Hello Gab,
    Loving the blog, I am going to try the popped Amaranth soon!
    I was thinking about a binder for your crackers, have you thought about ground flaxseed? I have not used it before, but I see it around when I look for baking recipes, they say about 1 tablespoon of ground flax seed to 3 tablespoons of water (or liquid) makes an egg binding product.

    Good Luck, let us all know how the next batch turn out!


    1. Thanks Andrew,

      I’m becoming obsessive with it. It takes up all my time. I have things to do, work to hand in, and here I am writing once or twice a day about everything and anything…

      I’m going to try the flaxseed paste idea. Seems logical.

      Keep coming, I’ve got a fantastic vegan, gluten free pizza type dish I made a few months ago that I’m going to write about soon.


      Of course, If you ever wanted to write something for the blog, I would be happy to post it, and reference you of course…

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