Brutal week ahead….

Oh boy…

It’s Saturday and I’m already tired about next week… 7 waiter shifts in 2 different restaurants, 1 class, a lab I give to second year communication students, a lab for my own class, and a new internship! All of this over the next 6 days

That leaves me with no sleep and no time for my wife. She’ll love that!

Might not be much blogging going on either..

However, I’ve given my 2 week notice at one of the 2 restaurants and will have more time for myself, my wife( and you, dear follower, ahah) starting the following week.

So lots of picture uploads and links to other interesting things.

Californian coast

Here’s a link to a discussion panel in the NYtimes exploring the issues surrounding “extreme” parenting, something I have yet to read, but saved because it sounded interesting.


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