Stuffed portobello mushrooms

Vegetarian stuffed portobellos

This is going to be a quick one. I got to go take advantage of the sun before going to work. I just made a quick lunch with things that I had in my fridge. There wasn’t much so I had to improvise. The result was very good, not to mention extremely cheap and easy to make.

I sauteed french shallots, garlic, a bit of ginger with carrots, green beans and puy lentils in a pan, and turned the oven on to 350°.

stuffing: carrots, green beans, shallots, garlic, ginger, thyme

Meanwhile, I took out the mushroom’s stalk and cleaned the portobello that I then slowly fried in olive oil, head side down, and filled the cavity with a bit of water. This way, I could accelerate the process of cooking it, and I would make sure that it had a nice consistency all the way through.

When the stuffing was finished sauteing, I took it off the heat, splashed it with red wine vinegar, added one egg, a tbls of dijon mustard and some freshly grated Parmesan. I mixed everything together and put a slice of multigrain bread in the toaster over, dried it out and made large bread crumbs that I added to my mixture. When the mushrooms were mostly cooked through, I stuffed them with the mix, and placed them in the oven.

I let them cook for about 10 min. and had myself a healthy, cheap and very tasty lunch.


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