A day for pictures and reflection

It’s Friday morning. I’m under the weather and tired of working every night until late. I’ve also spent so much time in front of the computer, loading and editing pictures recently, that I’m feeling in need of a little shock to my system. I took pictures of people playing hockey outside in the cold yesterday and that looked mighty appealing. Perhaps, on Sunday, when this week will be finally over with, Carolina and I could go out there and skate on one of the many rinks this city is fortunate to have.

hockey season

For those of you who don’t suffer through the cold winters we do here, this is a picture that reflects the grim(although often enjoyable) reality that is winter. It’s like a difficult friend-very demanding. To enjoy his presence you need to play by his rules. You need to get out there, brave the cold, the grey, the wind, and skate, ski, sled, walk and remain tough in the face of his passion. Otherwise, he’ll eat you alive, belittle you and make you feel weak and pathetic. He’ll make you depressed and sour, he’ll force you inside, in the dark, where you’ll slowly lose the vigor and energy that you previously had. It’s really all on you to enjoy him or not. Your choice.

this is the truth that is winter(ok, the worst of it, but still)

This friend though, can also be very beautiful. Despite the early sunset, the white ground reflects a lot of light, and an eerie brightness settles when the sun decides to rest every evening. During the long hours when the sun is resting, one feels pleasure reading, watching movies, writing and enjoying a forced time of reflection. In the end, this friend, he overstays his welcome, but isn’t entirely that bad after all.

The trees are a reminder of what's to come

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