Quick and easy SWEET energy balls

So a few weeks ago I wrote that I would be experimenting with energy bars over the next few weeks in order to offer you a variety of options for homemade healthy snacks that are great to have around for when one wants to exercise, or simply as a healthy filler between heavier meals.

On Tuesday morning, rushing to get to school, with eggs frying in the pan, bread toasting in the toaster oven, packing my things, and making sure I had everything for work in order to go immediately from school, I took out the food processor and made energy balls with no processed sugar that were sweet, tasty and healthy.

I didn’t have any fruit, so I had to try a new method that I wasn’t sure would work. When I make these energy bars, I’ve always added an apple or a pear in order for their juices to help bind all the ingredients.

On this occasion, I mixed dates that I soaked in a few tbls. of hot water, lots of sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, ginger, and carob chips.

I quickly took out the mixture from the processor, rolled it into balls and spread some cacao powder on a plate in which I coated the balls.

They’re a nice alternative to the more savory bars I often make. They feel more like a treat and are great for keeping you away from unhealthier alternatives like chocolate bars, pastries or cakes…


sweet, healthy snack alternative

*** Following info on carob chips from http://www.buzzle.com/articles/carob-chips-nutritional-info.html

Carob Chips Benefits
Carob chips are a healthy replacement for the chocolate chips. Comparatively, carob chips have more dietary fibers than the chocolate chips. Also, carob chips are rich in protein and high in fiber. The calcium content of carob chips is higher than that of the chocolate chips. The absorption of calcium is blocked by oxalic acid present in chocolate and carob chips do not contain oxalic acid. This is another nutritional benefit of carob chips. Chocolate chips contain phenylethylamines which is many a times responsible for triggering migraines. Carob chips do not contain these small nitrogen containing molecules. Apart from these nutritional benefits, carob chips have some health benefits. Carob chips are used for treating diarrhea in children. Sometimes, carob chips are used to provide relief in traveler’s diarrhea.


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