Enough with the energy bars, balls, crackers!!!

Happy Monday everyone,

It is shockingly cold in Montreal right now, around -25 I believe, and I’ve just gotten home after the satisfying first day of my new internship, which is taking place at EyeSteelFilm. On my way home, I bought some humus, tabouleh and falafels from Mets Hanokbah, a local food company that sells its very good products in grocery stores around Montreal, and just made myself a light and flavorful stuffed pitta. I received an email from a friend who has started a film blog, where he tries to watch one movie a day and write about it. An old friend of mine, Guillaume is the best kind of film geek; knowledgeable, passionate, open, and not pretentious at all. He’ll watch a bit of anything and has been busy of late discovering cinema from all over the world, from a variety of different eras and of all genres. The posts are simple, concise and revealing. If you’re looking for a guide to what you should be watching, then take your time and drop by his blog, Daily Film Grind, for inspiration.

I was supposed to have my last night at one of the 2 restaurants I work at tonight, but was told that I didn’t need to come in. People want to order in on nights when it’s this cold, ahah. Lucky me!! My wife is working, so I’ll be watching some movies produced by EyeSteelFilm that were lent to me. I think I’ll be starting with Last Train Home, a documentary about a family living through the yearly mass “exodus” that takes place during Chinese New Years when millions and millions of migrant workers take one of the few opportunities they’ll have to visit their families. It’s apparently very good, and the subject matter itself is fascinating.

I’m listening to Sonic Youth‘s Daydream Nation, I have freshly made tagliatelle waiting for me to cook with rapini and spicy Italian sausages made with Valens Farms organic and hormone free meat, and I just received a book about a young photographer called Francesca Woodman who killed herself at the age of 22 and left behind some of the most amazing photography I’ve ever seen: life is good. I even like the cold!! It’s been sunny!


Last Spring, Tremblant, Quebec,

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