Winter Dinner

I made trout with root veggies and kale recently. I was tired, didn’t feel like doing much and had these seasonal options in my fridge.

I started by quickly scrubbing the beets, parsnip and carrots. I was too lazy to peel their skin and I’ve often heard that much of the vitamins found in such vegetables resides in that tougher outer layer. I cut the tip of my pearl onions, threw them in boiling water for half a minute, took them out, plunged them into ice water and removed their skins by squeezing the onion out. I turned on my oven to 375, mixed all the veggies in olive oil, salt and pepper, cut the larger beets in half and covered them all in aluminum foil and went to read. After about 30 minutes, I started going to check on their consistency every 10 minutes or so until I found them to be almost “al dente.” I took them out of the foil, spread them in the baking sheet and turned the oven to 425. (Why? I don’t know… haha, instincts?)

I took out my cast iron pan, covered the two trout fillets I had in salt, pepper and olive oil and waited for it to heat up to a warm temperature. In order to get the skin crispy you don’t want to have the heat on too high. I boiled a small amount of water, steamed the kale for a few minutes and added it to my roasting vegetables. I gently fried the fish skin side down until it became crispy and finished it on the flesh side hoping to keep the inside from over-cooking. I failed, but it still tasted good.

The vegetables were nice and earthy. The skin wasn’t that good, but I convinced myself of its health benefits and thus enjoyed them anyway. The kale came out crispy and delicious, and the onions were nice and sweet, although, they, more than any of the other vegetables, could have use more cooking time. I tend to like them really brown and sweet like candy.

An elaborate but easy and relaxing meal to make. Hearty and seasonal, healthy and comforting.

Trout, beets, parsnips, carrots, pearl onions, kale

See you soon.


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