Winter dinner #2!

Happy Monday to everyone,

Hope that those of you who have the weekend off enjoyed it, and that those who don’t enjoyed it as well. It’s bright and sunny here.. and very very cold.

I like the sun.

Last night I decided to make myself a nice dinner of bright orange squash, youthful green cabbage, and grain fed chicken. Its’ colorful composition might have one thinking of summer. However, it’s actually more of a fall dish, but with all of the main ingredients being about as seasonal as you can get when living in frigid Quebec during the winter, we’ll call it a winter dinner anyways.

It’s a very simple dish to make, doesn’t take too much prep, and is both light and hearty(!?). It’s healthy and easily digestible as well, so it doesn’t leave you feeling tired or bloated.

Here’s a picture of most of its ingredients:

Grain fed chicken, brown rice, sage, chives, organic butter, an onion, garlic, cabbage, squash, and white wine

The plan was simple:
-sweat some finely chopped onions in a medium sized pot. Add rinsed rice to pot, a cup of white wine and chicken stock, a sage leaf, bay leaf, and some dried tarragon(preferably fresh but…you know).

-While the rice is slowly cooking, prep the squash and cabbage by finely slicing the two. *I was inspired by Lawrence, the restaurant where I work, to cut the squash this way. They make a beautiful gnocchi with thinly sliced squash that takes very little time to cook. Sautee it with some broth, wine, or water, and within a minute or 2 it’s done! It also is wonderfully delicate this way; sweet and light.

sliced squash

-Season the chicken breast with salt, pepper and some thyme if available. Cover with olive oil, and heat a cooking pan to med heat. Turn on oven to 400°. Add chicken to pan and let it slowly cook, allowing for its skin to turn brown. I especially like using my iron pan for searing meats: if properly maintained, the meat will never stick, the pan leaks iron, which is a mineral many women(and men) are missing in their diet, and I find I get an especially nice texture when cooking with it. It also goes in the oven, which is convenient. After having seared both sides, add the other half of finely chopped onion to the pan and bake the chicken breast while preparing the squash and cabbage.

chicken breast cut in half, sage, caramelized onions, chives, garlic, white wine, butter

-In a second pan, heat up some olive oil, add your squash and cabbage and sautee in order to cover the 2 vegetables with oil and initiate the cooking process. After a minute or so, add a cup of wine, a cup of chicken stock, a tbls of butter(all of this is optional. Whatever fits your dietary needs and/or restrictions), and season with salt and pepper. Make sure the pan is hot enough to start reducing the liquid so that you end up with a thicker sauce. Cover and take off of heat.

cabbage and squash, brown rice, and grain fed chicken breast

-Take chicken out of oven(make sure not to over cook it. There’s nothing worse than a dry chicken breast…) Watch OUT! pan will be very hot! Add a tbls of butter, garlic and some fresh sage leaves. Give the leaves enough time to cook, and then add a splash of wine and chicken stock. Let the sauce thicken and add some finely chopped chives to the chicken and vegetables.

Serve, and enjoy!


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