Rooibos tea, The Elephant Man, Milanesas, and Sardine dinner

Carolina was sick for a few days and is slowly feeling better. It was a bad 3 days for her, and despite sleeping at her side every night, I mostly avoided the bug. I worked late last night and woke up with minor symptoms of a cold, and thus spent the day resting, eating well, and attacking the symptoms with as many antioxidants as possible.

I ate some fruit and had 2 nice meals, but Rooibos tea ending up being my day’s “medicine” of choice. I bought 2 varieties from a small tea shop the other day and have been enjoying them immensely. Rooibos tea is caffeine free and full of antioxidants as well as other health benefits. It’s the perfect thing to drink when you are borderline sick. Look into it, it’s great to have around the house.

Read about it here:

or here:

or here:

For lunch, before Carolina went to work, we made some chicken milanesas (schnitzel from Argentina). Not the healthiest thing in the world(fried with breading) but oh soooo satisfying. We ate it with lightly steamed carrots, blue potatoes and cauliflower that we mixed with olive oil, lemon juice, fresh parsley and chives. Simple and quick. Carolina makes them wonderfully. ***What really makes them amazing-beyond their crispy outside and moist chicken inside-is that I make myself a killer dip of mayonnaise and spicy paprika paste to have with the chicken.

I just made myself some dinner, after having watched The Elephant Man by David Lynch. This was the second time I watched the film and still think that it is absolutely brilliant, and is just one more testament to the unbelievable talents of David Lynch. More on this soon…

I made sure to get some fresh air earlier and went to a humongous Thai grocery store that’s quite a ways from my house to get some food for dinner. I love going there. Originally Thai, the store now serves a very multicultural neighborhood and serves a mix of Asian, African, and Middle Eastern produce. As mentioned, the place is a massive warehouse, and walking in is just as exciting as it is imposing. So many products are completely unknown to me and I never organize myself properly to actually have a recipe in mind when I go. The fruit section is not very good but the veggie, meat, and fish sections are full of great stuff, both common and exotic. Tired and not wanting to get too much, I decided to forgo buying unknown ingredients and bought some big sardines, spinach, broccoli, garlic and ginger. All I knew was that I wanted to eat fish that was both sustainable, low in toxic metals, and healthy. Sardines fit the bill. Their mercury content is low, they have high levels of omega 3 fatty acids, vit. D, protein, and minerals.


I still had parsley that I had to use and I decided to make a Moroccan inspired couscous to go with the sardines. I sweated some onions in olive oil, added fennel seeds, ginger, raisins and turmeric and cooked those flavors together at a low eat. I boiled some water, in which I blanched my spinach, and used the same water to cook my couscous. I fried my seasoned sardines over medium heat and put them in the oven at 350 for less than 10 minutes. You should cook your sardines with the guts still inside; this is what gives them their wonderfully salty and potent flavor. However, make sure not to eat it, as I’m quite sure it’s somewhat toxic. Once done, which you can see by using a small knife or gently pushing down on the flesh in order to see if it “slides” off the bones, I threw in some finely chopped garlic, a pinch of chili flakes, some capers, fresh parsley and lemon juice in the pan.

couscous, spinach mix, and sardines

It’s a nice and cheap meal to make. Sardines can be bought frozen and kept for a few months. I also eat them canned with toast, or a salad. Carolina once made a beautiful tomato fish stew where she added a can of sardines to enrich the flavor of the dish.

Off I go to read…


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