I like neurology and the brain. These are things I like, and you should look into.

I’m at work, so this will be a quick post about an article about memorization that I read yesterday in the nytimes. I will also recommend a few books to anyone who is interested in the brain, our understanding of it, and its incredible ability to adapt and thrive if used properly. I think that anyone interested in personal health and well-being should inform themselves on the potential abilities they have at their disposal, the way they can develop them, and the fact that they are not simply the sum of their genetic code and social upbringing. We all have the ability to produce changes in our lives. It requires time, patience, and the motivation to remain disciplined when training and working on yourself. I find these texts to be both fascinating and inspirational.

Here’s the link for the nytimes article about how the brain memorizes information and how it is possible to improve that ability. (most of the people I know complain about their memory…)


These are 2 books I’ve read that you should read:

Proust was a neuroscientist. by Jonah Lehrer

The Brain that Changes itself. by Norman Doidge

I first became interested in the brain when taking a class on Chomskyan linguistics. This is less accessible, but fascinating nonetheless. Perhaps you’ll be interested in digging deeper.


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