Worse snow day of the year…

Yesterday was raining. I like snow more than I like rain, but rain in March is a sign of things to come and is thus somewhat enjoyable. But waking up today, thinking that the rain would have washed away some of the snow accumulation and finding out instead that it was snowing and that Montreal was covered in white once again was a shock I did not expect! Oh well… There’s not much we can do about it.

Saturdays are Carolina and I’s day off, and we spent the day slowly getting things done that weren’t that important. We met up with a good friend of mine, discussed movies and had absolutely delicious burritos and quesadillas at Burritoville.


Perhaps the best in Montreal… They also make a light and very simple quinoa salad with yellow bell peppers and celeri that is surprisingly satisfying. I think it’s mixed in with a touch of lemon juice, dried oregano and salt. Simple, simple, simple.

Last night we had frozen eggplant parmigiana from Pasta a Go Go. Far off the beaten path, Pasta a Go Go is on Henri Bourassa in Montreal’s Anjou area. The chef/owner is Roberto Bergola, a man in his early 40s who used to make the pasta at a restaurant calle Bronte I worked at. He makes the best pasta I’ve ever had. Although, as the article about him that I’m about to share with you states, he humbly refutes that claim and reminds us all how simple pasta really is.

Photograph by: JOHN KENNEY, THE GAZETTE, Freelance

Who cares! He still makes the best pasta I’ve ever had. I went to see him a few weeks ago to catch up and dig through his culinary knowledge. He’s a wonderfully sincere and generous man. I’m delighted that I decided to make the trek to see him. If you live in Montreal, seriously consider doing so. Once there, you’ll be able to stock up on fabulous frozen meals that will facilitate your life without sacrificing on flavor or draining your wallet.

His tomato sauce is a perfect balance of sweet and acidic, his pasta is light with just the right amount of bite, his meat balls melt in your mouth flavored with great quality parmesan, and his egglant parmigiana is surprisingly light for a dish consisting of cheese, tomato sauce, eggplants and a bit of pasta. When there, I had baked mushroom ricotta raviolis that were wonderful, and he gave me some spinach ricotta raviolis to try that were equally savory.

Lesley Chesterman wrote an entertaining article about him and his humble venture. Read it here:


Suffice to say that I need to make another trip to Rob’s Pasta a Go Go in order to stock up… Especially with this new layer of snow setting in.


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