I was sick this week. On Thursday, out of nowhere, I had sharp stomach pains and other things that led me to believe I had food poisoning. Later that day I had a minor non grand-mal seizure (I’m epileptic), probably because I puked the medicine earlier that day, and then had what seemed like a fever… It was terrible. Anyways, thankfully, work was very helpful and I’ve had the last 2 nights off recuperating and sleeping a lot.

When I have these minor seizures, where I “freeze” and stare into space for a number of seconds, it is incredible how drained I can feel. I slept more than 30 hrs over the last 2 days. I can manage to function when doing things, but its when I lie down that the exhaustion appears, and I fall into the deepest of sleeps(something I never experience in my day to day, so part of me actually takes pleasure in these moments). Yesterday I had enough energy to read and watch some films, so the day was not completely wasted, but Thursday was hellish.

Anyways, all that to say that waking up today, not yet 100%, but feeling rather well, and seeing the beautiful sunshine, and feeling its rejuvenating warmth on my skin, felt like I was coming out of a dream. Hurray for life. ahah. For those of you who don’t live in cold climates where we have such distinct changes in environmental realities, you could never understand the change that takes place in a person, in a place, when the temperature changes this way. People become different: we are reborn! It’s religious! ahah

So as I write this excessively joyful post, remember the state I’m in.

Montreal is a vibrant city for some of the reasons stated above. We have no choice. It’s an environmentally forced state of being. We celebrate and organize an excessive amount of festivals, proudly revel in the fact that we live in the best city in the world, and ignore the fact that it’s a city that only exists for 7 months of the year. That being said, beyond the festivals and the tourists, and the numerous events, what we’re very good at is also just sitting on a terrace or in park and having a beer, a coffee or some food, and socializing. After all those months of hibernating, we take so much pleasure in talking about nothing at all… I happen to love this practice.

Enough of this self-indulgent drivel. Here are some links to articles that might be of interest:

Simple article about the power of the mind when exercising. This is a good time of the year to push yourself to accomplish more.
Winning the mind game: Can I run farther than I think?

Here’s a piece about chard with links to recipes. I love eating chard, it’s cheap, easy to grow if you have a garden, and healthy.
Going Green for Spring With Chard

Here’s another article for those of you who want to get active. Learn how to eat properly.
Athletes and food: Power up your diet for pounding the pavement

Time to go to your local food market.



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