What to eat when you’re sick, have a weak stomach and want something comforting

Everybody knows about eating chicken noodle soup when sick. It’s a classic, it’s tasty, and frankly, it works. Soups in general are good when you’re going through some temporary health issues because they’re easily digestible(boiled and braised ingredients… whole or blended), offer nutrition as well as some hydration and the warmth is usually a welcome addition if you’re feverish and shivering, or have a cold and are congested.

On Thursday, when I was going through my day in hell, I took out some frozen chicken broth that I made in February with chicken bones, carrots, celeri, onion, parsnip, garlic, ginger, bay leaves, parsley, pepper corns, and defrosted it in order to boil some chicken and have it for dinner. I did just that, and had some left, so today for lunch, wanting to eat something comforting and easy on the stomach(which is still sensitive) I decided to make some sticky rice with steamed brussel sprouts and a hard boiled egg, that I would cover with some remaining chicken and its broth.

I used jasmin rice, rinsed it once, added about twice the amount or water, brought it to a boil and turned off the heat to let the steam finish the job. I steamed the brussel sprouts, boiled the egg, brought my broth and chicken to a simmer, and finely chopped some green onion to add to the rice when it had cooked. After waiting a bit for the rice to do its thing(15 min or so) I mixed in the onion, splash it with rice vinegar, and plated my lunch.

A simple recipe that’s cheap, healthy, easy and quick to make(**if you have some broth around… Store bought is sometimes quite tasty but usually VERY high in sodium: watch out. I usually make a large amount, put it in smaller tupperware and freeze for up to 3 months in order to use when I need it).


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