Broad beans, tomato and quinoa salad with veggie pate on toast

I’ve got a quick and light lunch alternative on the menu today.

Carolina bought broad beans( also known as fava beans) recently: a bean I rarely use because of its “offaly” flavor. Broad beans are a staple in a number of cultures because of their ease of growth and ability to suffer through harsh climates. They offer an interesting health mix, with a large amounts of thiamine, potassium, and folacin. They also provide protein, fibers and vit. C.

It was nice to have something different in the house, and I had somewhat forgotten what they tasted like so it allowed me to adjust my recipe accordingly. I steamed the whole pods and took out the beans where I covered them in olive oil and lemon juice. I tasted them, and realized they would be better paired with strong pungent tasting ingredients such as mustard and herbs.

broad beans and tomatoes

I cut some grape tomatoes, green onions and boiled quinoa, while making a vinaigrette that would highlight the earthiness of the beans while providing a nice contrast.
The vinaigrette was simple, a simple mix of red vinegar, dijon mustard, dried herbes de provence, seasoning, and olive oil.

I toasted some multigrain bread and spread store bought vegetable pate on top, mixed the salad ingredients and added some thinly sliced fresh parsley for some brightness.

There you go: a lunch high in protein, vitamins and minerals, and fibers that is very light on the stomach and will keep you going for the rest of the afternoon.



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