Apologies and an homage to fog.

I just edited my last piece about LUFA farms. It was and remains badly written. I usually write these posts quickly and don’t reread my work enough. That’s an unfortunate consequence of many blogs and I would like to avoid that. Here’s my promise to improve the quality of this blog.

In other news, waking up this morning I was pleasantly surprised to find a thick blanket of fog covering the city. There’s something undeniably sensual about fog, a hypnotic quality that distorts reality. Spaces appear ephemeral and our own existence within them fragile. I took my bike and went off to the mountain in order to take some pictures. Here are some of the results. You will see that I’ve roughly color corrected them for aesthetic purposes. These are rough drafts of what they’ll eventually be.

Please be nice and respectful and remember that these photographs are copyrighted. If you choose to use one, reference me(Gabriel Couture) as the photographer, or better yet, send me a message and ask permission first!


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