Sacred harp singers-Idumea

The video itself is unrelated to the original song. The music is not Native American, but as I watched the beautiful photos stream by, I felt a sense of nostalgia for the time I spent as a youth canoeing and hiking through Québec. Younger, I attended a camp named Kanawana that is the second oldest in Canada(must be about 115 years old), and a lot of the traditions followed there were inspired by old aboriginal customs. I don’t know how accurate they were, or if they were a purely westernized recreation of the assumed customs of the local tribes, but it felt magical nonetheless, and as a young boy I was deeply moved by those moments and would assume a sort of metaphysical self, a romantic whose sensibilities spread as do roots through the essence of life. It seemed that I became one with nature.

Occasionally, I am gripped by that same overwhelming storm of emotion. Often it is brought on by a piece of art, a movie, a book, or the taste or smell of something that triggers neuronal fireworks that suddenly brings forth a moving memory I had forgotten. Those moments are destabilizing, wonderful and terrifying. A momentary drug-like bliss that flattens the tame ups and downs of our daily lives. I think religion and ideology weave stories that seek to initiate those emotions and then associate them with their own specific cause. As an agnostic, I find it hard to relate that sublime feeling to man made and controlled institutions.


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