Food Detox

Hey there,

Been a while. We’ve had terrible weather here in Montreal recently: rainy overcast days that are cold or warm and humid; not my cup of tea. And so, despite this being spring and the time of year where life around us is reborn and blossoms with its vibrant and joyous colors we are left to make our way in our desaturated environments hoping for a week of sunshine and warmth.

That being said, this is the month of May and the weather will inevitably turn itself around and provide us with the comfort we wish for. And this feeling, this sense of emerging from our hibernation(can’t believe I am saying this in MAY!-What a week…) is what makes doing a simple food detox to cleanse the accumulated crap you’ve hoarded in your bodies during the winter months a perfect time of year to do so. Reinvigorated and motivated, a healthy body will help you make better use of your time and opportunities.

I’ve written about detoxes before. I’ve done a few before, most often buying the packaged Wild Rose Detox program that I’ve found in health food stores. I’m not going to follow that program this year. I want to focus on developing a diet that is body friendly and which can be followed during most of the year without too much effort. I also think that there are cheaper alternatives to the Wild Rose Detox program. In my mind it is unnecessary to to buy processed pills in wasteful packaging to properly accomplish the goals of a food detox.

My goal is to post everything I eat during the 2 weeks of the detox and write about what I learn during the process that will be helpful afterwords. This could be specific recipes, new habits, new ingredients and so on.

I invite you to participate and send me advice for recipes and food rich in antioxidants.

The detox will be starting sometime early next week and I will be writing in more detail about what it will entail. Until then I will prepare and research!

One of the things that will help me is that I’ve received my ingredients from the food Co-op I joined 2 weeks ago and am thus stacked with whole grains, beans, nuts and seeds. The detox will not be entirely vegetarian, so for those of you who don’t think they can cut out meat for 2 weeks, don’t worry, I plan on making this as easy and delicious on myself and on you…


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