Detox preparations

Everyone can do it!

So, the detox will soon begin and I’ve been thinking about how I wanted to structure it. The basic idea of a detox is a cleanse of your digestive system, and its related organs, such as the liver, the kidneys and so on. By doing so, your system you improve its efficiency and health. The way I’m approaching this particular detox is unscientific. I’m going to follow a few simple rules that were inspired by years of interest in health and nutrition that I hope will help me achieve the goals of a detox.

I seem to remember reading a short article in the NYtimes last year referring to a study done that questioned the use and effectiveness of food detoxes. I have no proof that detoxes really do work, but I think that the article criticized the idea that doing a cleanse for 2 weeks out of the year and not eating well for the rest of it would cure any related health issues. If this was indeed the article’s criticism, I agree. As I wrote in my post about the Wild Rose Detox, part of the benefit of doing a detox is to establish new healthier eating habits that will last. It’s a forced exploration of a variety of foods you might never eat, it’s an exercise in discipline and self control, and when done right, it’s inspiring and invigorating. So whether, you assign magical benefits to the detox or not, I find it hard to criticize. The fact is that your body is an interconnected set of organs, tissues and so on that function differently when used properly. A simple example of this is a heavy smoker… or a heavy drinker… Someone who doesn’t exercise and eats lots of sugar… There are very real consequences to what one puts in their body: hearth disease, diabetes, cancers, and much much more.

Anyways, my detox will consist of phases. Here’s what I’m cutting for the entirety of the detox: processed sugars, lactose products, as much saturated fat as possible, all flours, fruit high in sugar such as bananas and mangoes, alcohol, fermented and yeasty products such as vinegars, and finally I hope to reduce my sodium intake. I might be forgetting something…

I will start simply, eating lots of whole grains, veggies, fruits, nuts, legumes, some white chicken meat and fish low in mercury. After a few days of this, I want to go on a liquid only phase of a few days, followed by an antioxidant rich fruit only phase of a day or two, after which I will return to the diet of the first few days for a week or so. I intend on following the diet for a total of about 2 weeks.

I want to focus on eating lots of bitter greens, which I’ve heard help activate the liver’s detoxing functions, and the liquid and fruit phase of the diet is intended to help clean out the intestinal tract, in a way that is less aggressive than some of the other detox diets that exist(i.e the lemon juice, cayenne, and maple syrup diet…).

I will flavor my food with spices, lime and lemon juices and zests, simple stocks, and creative recipes. I hope to post the whole process on the blog. I work in a restaurant and will thus have to plan meals that will stay fresh in Tupperware, and I want to make this feasible for those who are also working 9 to 5 jobs. A successful detox should not be difficult to follow.


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