Detox is starting on Monday

I have a friend’s birthday tonight where I will be having some drinks, and so, I will use tomorrow to prep, post about it, and then Carolina and I will initiate the cleanse. I am P.Aing on a set on Monday and Tuesday all day, so it will be a good opportunity to think about how to organize oneself for days where you don’t have access to a kitchen. I should add that we’ve been eating quite well lately, and I’ve started incorporating whole grains and steamed veggies in my breakfasts… I know that might seem a bit strange, but many cultures eat savory foods in the morning, and I think that eating this way is undeniably healthier than my usual multigrain bread and peanut butter, not that I plan on giving that up!

Anyways, this blog is about to become very active, so come back soon.


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