Food Detox day 2

So last night was tough but I made it. Working in a delicious restaurant while doing a detox is not the easiest thing to do, which is why I mention discipline when listing the benefits of doing a food cleanse. I’m on my third day and yet it’s already hard for me to look at certain foods that I can’t eat: cheese and bread are topping the list at the moment, but there were a great many things coming out of the kitchen that were wetting my appetite. Cod with confit cherry tomatoes on a bed of jerusalem artichoke, Veal offal on rich and earthy puy lentils, porc chops with caramelized shallots, chard and anchovy paste, dry cured duck magret with parmesan, radishes and mint; the list goes on… Tough.

Anyways, I made it through the night, eating my quinoa salad consisting of asparagus, a red bell pepper, carrots, celeri, onion, and sunflower seeds. Coated in a bit of olive oil, fresh parsley and lemon juice; it wasn’t bad bud it wasn’t the type of dish that was going to quench a craving.

For lunch I defrosted a potato, leek and kale soup I prepared last weekend for the detox. With that I ate more of the vegetable dish that Carolina had prepared on Tuesday: hard boiled egg, red cabbage, beets, carrots and more.

I made tons of the soup and froze it in small Tupperware containers convenient for individual portions. I will be eating some frequently over the next week.

Breakfast was almond butter on rice cakes and a strawberry and blueberry almond milk smoothie made healthier with iron-rich pumpkin seeds. Nothing too complicated. Throughout the day I snacked on apples, and the cracker/cookie snack I mentioned here.

I’ve got to get cooking, because I plan on making for snacks in order to make it easier for me to get through the day. I bought humus that fit the detox, and am making a roasted garlic eggplant babaganoush. I also want to make some more crackers and some energy bars. I’m working later, so I’ll need to bring some dinner. See you tomorrow.


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