Food detox day 6

Good morning, or afternoon, or evening, or night..

Yesterday was a leftover day. The good thing about being well organized and making a lot of food means that you reduce your workload, but it also means that you occasionally need to make sure you eat what you prepared before it starts going bad. Yesterday was one such day.

For breakfast we had the same red cabbage salad we very much enjoyed on day 5. For lunch, I met my dad, my aunt and her partner, as well as my grand-mother at a dim sum restaurant where they were eating. I managed to avoid eating any of the food and had to make due with what was in my father’s fridge later during the day in order to feed myself according to the detox. The fridge was pretty much empty, so my choices were limited, but I did manage to put together a simple dish of eggs, bok choy and peanuts served on rice. I flavored everything with chili flakes and a curry powder he had.

For dinner, we ate leftover kale, steamed carrots and asparagus(that we also sauteed in a bit of olive oil), a quinoa salad very similar to the lunch I enjoyed the day before, some of the babaganoush, and a tiny amount of the left over red cabbage salad we ate at breakast. That took care of most of our leftovers, but there’s more so I’ll have to think of a creative way of using it today.

As a side note, I’ve noticed that my breath in the morning smells better and that my armpits do too…


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