Food detox day 7

The days are now going by quite quickly. I’ve always found that the first few days are the hardest; the time when your cravings rear their ugly head the most. I must admit that over the last 2 days, I’ve spent a bit too much time cooking and cleaning. Carolina’s been extra busy, and I’ve been alone doing most of the preparation, which includes shopping for ingredients and dragging heavy bags back from the market or grocery store. What I’m saying is that it’s always nice to have someone around to help if possible. Additionally, some of these recipes are much easier and quicker to prepare than others: keep that in mind when you’re planning your day or week.

Alright, about yesterday’s menu. For breakfast we had cereal; yes, cereal. No, not the regular cereal we usually consume, instead we got some puffed kamut, puffed corn and puffed brown rice, which according to the Wild Rose Detox is an acceptable alternative to flour based cereals. The one thing about these puffed grains, is that they are void of calories, vitamins and minerals, ahah. If you’re detoxing to lose weight they’re probably a good bet. They are a nice way to enjoy a more traditional breakfast however, and this is why we got them: our cereal craving was satisfied. In order to make it healthier, we added toasted almonds, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds and walnuts. I also added cubed apple, and of course we enjoyed it with almond milk.

Puffed grains: good for losing weight

I followed that with a raspberry and blueberry ginger smoothie and went swimming. Upon returning I went to the market, got too much food as always and made myself a salad made almost entirely of Quebec grown produce. I had loose leaf lettuce, fresh tomatoes, cucumber, radishes, parsley, and the unfortunately Greek olive oil(nothing against Greeks or their olive oil; it’s just not from here and thus the recipe isn’t entirely local…).

While returning home for the market, some of the apricots I purchased were slightly damaged from hitting or being squeezed by other ingredients. They wouldn’t last long and didn’t look too appealing so I decided to make my second smoothie of the day with apricots and delicious local strawberries.

For dinner I bought Alaskan black Cod, which is actually not Cod at all, and made the same salad I made earlier and defrosted some of the leek, potato and kale soup I enjoyed on day 2.

Alaskan black cod is a good and environmentally healthy fish to eat. There’s a wonderful index of what seafood and fish you should and shouldn’t eat if you follow this link: Check it out, it will make your decision making simpler when going to your local fish monger.

I didn't take a picture of the cod, but found a nice one from -check it out.

I’ve got some good stuff coming your way…


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