Food detox day 10

Keeping it simple…

I was working on a portrait/documentary yesterday and was away from the house, so it was a day of defrosted leftovers and quick fixes.

For breakfast we went with one of the basics; something we ate consistently during our last detoxes but omitted this time. We shouldn’t have; it’s easy, quick, filling and can be delicious. Oatmeal! I made mine with apples, walnuts, a few raisins, some ground flax seeds and cinnamon. You get some carbs, some protein, healthy fats, and a good anti-oxidant in the cinnamon.

For lunch, I made myself a salad of quinoa, radishes, red cabbage, grated beets, lightly steamed asparagus and broccoli, as well as toasted sunflower and pumpkin seeds. I finished it off with olive oil and some fresh parsley, and ate it, during the shoot during a break from filming.

For dinner, I defrosted some of the chili and enjoyed it with brown rice. I must admit to finding it hard to make interesting foods when I work at night. I’ve always been someone who loves taking advantage of the day, and I find myself wanting to leave the house to enjoy the sunshine instead of preparing food for dinner. This is why leftovers are so great, or frozen meals prepared in advance. I like cooking at night.


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