food detox day 12

I was a little out of it yesterday. On Saturday night(last night as well) our upstairs neighbors came home after 3am from a night of drinking and partied until 5 so I didn’t sleep very well, which made me unproductive to say the least.

For breakfast I had a bowl of puffed grain cereal with nuts, seeds and fruit. Later during the day I bought some broccoli and spinach soup, from a local fine foods grocery store, that fit the parameters of the detox, and had a bowl for lunch. I napped and ate some fruit.

Later I defrosted some left over goulash sauce from a wonderful dinner I had prepared recently, and added some organic, free range chicken breast to it; made some mashed potatoes, and steamed some broccoli. I just ate the same thing for lunch, and enjoyed it just as much. It’s a comforting dish and everyone will tell you a different way to make it.

I made mine with lots of onions, which I slowly sweetened in a pan, pureed boiled red bell peppers, tomato paste, some garlic, fresh marjoram, thyme and rosemary, caraway seeds, spicy and sweet Hungarian paprika and vegetable stock. Good stuff.

Tastes better than it looks

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