Getting back into the swing of things

Carolina and I have been back in Montreal for 2 weeks now and things are slowly getting back to normal. Carolina’s started school, studying Art History, and I’m continuing work as a waiter at Lawrence restaurant.

taking in the sun and the southern hemisphere

At times it feels as if we’d returned months ago and, occasionally, that we never left at all. Argentina was a comforting reminder of the importance of a healthy family dynamic. Spoiled and smothered with love, we soaked it in, accumulated reserves for the dreary winter months, and made sure to return the favor whenever possible. I’m a very fortunate son-in-law! One of the more appreciated aspects of our trip was the way I was welcomed by everyone. It’s been my impression that despite their governing(political and economic…) flaws, Argentinians in general are a very warm and friendly people. Openly physical with their love, they often embraced me as one of their own before having met me! Friends and family alike immediately made me feel at home. A kiss, a hug and a smile, and I was part of the gang. The immersion was seamless. They’re a proud people who like to share and socialize. I certainly would recommend the country as a great vacation destination. We were also fortunate to be rewarded with the presence of my brother and law and his husband. A wonderful month was had.

Marcos, Carolina and Diego

Now, for myself, it’s back to reality… I’m finished with school for now and need to start thinking about my professional future. That sounds terrible, but the truth is that I need to figure out what I’d like to do with my life. Ideally, a “profession”, in the traditional sense, won’t be my ultimate means of financial survival, aha. I’m still stubbornly hopeful that a source of income emanates from an creative, thoughtful and stimulating practice. Something with which I can maintain a healthy level of independence. Anyways, that’s it for now. It was important for me to post something in order to get back into the swing of things. There are some video projects being organized related to health and food that I will be posting on this blog, and of course a host of other goodies will be coming your way as well. Take care.


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