Article from the Well Blog associated with the NYtimes

It seems obvious that one of the conclusions that can be made by such research, a conclusion that doesn’t require too much science, is that one must always discipline himself when initiating exercise programs. The body will take time to adjust to its new activity levels and unless pushed, in a healthy way, will find the time to recuperate when not exercising and null part of the improvement taking place. I’ve found this myself, that when starting new periods of higher frequency activity, I find it easier for the first 2 weeks and then tend to need a rest for some days following that if I don’t push myself to continue. I think one of the reasons is that I may be exerting myself too much, pleased with my new feeling of vitality, and then my body, unused to that amount of exercise, forces me into a period of rejuvenation. Exercise must be introduced in steps, where the first weeks are really about strengthening your core for the future workouts that will have most effect on your body. A due diligence is then necessary to keep on maintaining a good rhythm in order for improvement to take place. Once a new level of fitness is achieved, your body will adjust to that stage of energy exertion and will then be able to continue at that new level of activity.


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