Simple navy bean veggie salad

navy beans, sage, tomatoes, leeks, capers, olive oil,

*The radicchio was not yet added in this picture.

Here’s a quick salad recipe that I made last night. We ate it with some leftovers.

Here’s the ingredient list:

Navy beans
olive oil
sherry vinegar
bay leaf

I put the beans in water when I woke up yesterday morning and let them soak for the day. I gave myself about an hour to cook them in simmering salted water in which I added a large bay leaf and a sun dried tomato for additional flavor.

I thinly sliced the whites of leeks and gently fried them in olive oil. When slightly golden I took them out and added sliced radicchio that I cooked and then added to a small amount of salted boiling water with about a tbls of sherry vinegar.

I added fresh sage to the frying pan, using the oil that was leftover and let the herb cook and develop a bit of crispness. When almost ready I added a small quantity of capers to the pan and sauteed them for a moment with the sage before adding both to the beans that were now ready.

I gently squeezed out the boiling liquid from the radicchio and added them to the beans. To finish it off, I seasoned it with salt and pepper and liberally added a high quality olive oil I only use occasionally. I also sprinkled a touch of lemon juice.

The whole thing was surprisingly delicious!

With a bit of organizing I quickly and simply made a healthy and cheap dish that is easy to refrigerate and yummy.


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