Eating sustainably for cheaper food and the pleasures of creativity

I’ve got a wonderful article for you all to read. The writer, Tamar Adler, shares many of my thoughts about food and eating, and I would like for you to read it and think about what she has to say. So much of our consumption(this goes beyond food) is carelessly wasteful and needs to be rethought. There’s so much packaging now and a lot of what we use is unnecessarily disposable. There are days when I am exasperated by it all. Anyways, I think that Ms. Adler makes a number of great points. It’s a simple, straight-forward and good read that will leave you thinking about new ways to approach your week when it comes to groceries and eating. She mentions some great ideas(Crispy fish skin and sticky rice: Brilliant! so simple! I can already taste it!), and got me thinking about how I could reduce my food waste. This is a small step we can all take that can have major social and environmental impacts.

Thanksgiving Thrift: The Holiday as a Model for Sustainable Cooking

thanksgiving meal

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