Its the time to seed your summer plants

I lost my interest in blogging for this site early in January. The motivation had been lacking for some time, but in January it became clear to me that I found my writing and blog to be a redundant bore… I wasn’t writing or saying much and didn’t find the time to do it well when I did. I started blogging less and over time lost the habit all together.


It’s my opinion today that whether what you do is bad, good or great, doing it is better than not. One develops a level of discipline and mostly improves the quality of his work with repetition(you might want to read Malcolm Gladwell’s Outliers for some interesting analysis about that). If I am to be critical of my process, I would assert that it is in one’s own power to create engaging work. I am to blame for my own failures: the blog was a bore because I made it so for myself and for you as well.

Today I would like to commit to developing a more interesting blog, one that is more opinionated, better edited and fundamentally more personal: not in a self absorbed way, but in that I intend to write more nuanced and well researched pieces that will best reflect my thoughts about things.

This will be a long process in the making. My first goal is to establish a rhythm that is currently non existent. Afterwords my goal will be to bring you more dynamic material in both its content and form.

This post in itself is but a door that I needed to open in order to start the process.

It’s nice to be back.



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