I am a young Montrealer who’s passionate about food, my well being, society and our environment.

I’m starting this blog with the purpose of celebrating food and all of its uses. On the site you will find information about ingredients, chefs, restaurants, exotic cuisines, nutrition, and books about food. I also will post recipes and ideas on what you can do with certain ingredients.

I intend to use this space to celebrate food and i hope that through the development of this budding conversation we will be able to help ourselves appreciate new foods, new cultures as well as make more informed choices on our eating behaviors.

I’m a university student who is studying communications. Although i don’t have any professional experience in cooking or nutrition, I promise to do my best to offer well documented and unbiased informative information.

And I guarantee to post only the best and most successful of my recipes!

Contact me on my e-mail at: couturegabriel@hotmail.com



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