exercising vs. dieting

Is this really what’s important?

An interesting article to make you think about what the effects of dieting and exercise are on your weight. Worth reading. Now, I am not particularly interested in weight gain or weight loss. I don’t think that health is measured by how much one weighs. However, I do think that obesity is a symptom of unhealthy eating, and as the article briefly mentions, the diet the feeds most of us in the west will both increase our weigh and lead to unhealthy lives. Do you want to feel better about yourself? My answer is simple: eat less processed foods, avoid sugar and its derivatives, eat more fiber and vegetables, take pleasure in cooking your own food, and reduce your meat intake. Additionally one must maintain a base level of physical activity that will help with the stabilizing of mental and emotional processes in the brain. Sounds complicated? To a certain extent it’s not. It’s about being informed and willing to change some of your habits. What’s at stake is more than just YOUR health, but that of the environment and society in general. Those of you who live near good grocery stores, where good produce is widely available have less excuses and justifications to make. Where the social danger lies is in communities where the options for healthy food are few and far between, a problem that is more common than we think. And while society bares a lot of the blame on health and weight issues, as consumers we remain active citizens that vote every time we buy a food item. You want change in your local grocery store? Speak up, buy healthier food and avoid the shit that’s marketed to you. Don’t fall for the claims on processed foods. Consume wisely…

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