Hey guys,

I have no time to write so I thought I’d hook you up with a few songs that you might not have heard of.


Katie Moore

Zbigniew Preisner(composer who worked a lot with the polish filmmaker Kieslowski; one of the best ever…)

Symphony Orchestra & Stanislav Gorkovenko – Smetana Má Vlast Vltava (The Moldau River)-tree of life theme

Yellow Swans-limited space-Noise band; amazing

Land of KushSam Shalabi project-playing in Montreal on June 27th: incredible live performances

The dismemberment Plan-Now defunct band that I loved: unique


Active blogging for Healthy communities

sunset in Serbia

Hey everyone,

I’ve been good at this, haven’t I? 3 posts in 3 days and enjoying it immensely. I think that writing them first thing in the morning is really helping me to stay productive. I don’t intend to continue at this pace, mostly because writing one piece per day doesn’t allow for elaborate and well researched pieces, which in general is what I’d prefer posting. That being said, I have quite a few good ideas in the works, so keep dropping by. I’ve decided that I’ll also be posting posts with only links to other articles or blogs, and at times I’ll only be posting pictures and so on.

This blog is about to broaden its scope to include things outside of the food realm.

When I started the blog I did so for a class I was taking at Concordia University in Montreal that was exploring issues related to new media formats. My goal was simple and experimental. I did not follow blogs and needed to learn how the whole thing worked. But I also came up with what I think is a great blog name that is a play on words, which allows for a broader scope in focus.

Healthy taste buds is about the development of more than simply healthy eating, it’s about the development of healthy communities, reinforced by active and engaged local and international cultural environments. I am in most cases more into alternative media sources, and often feel that the mass media is betraying us, not only as citizens receiving distorted information, but also as humans who need provocative, well developed and intelligent sources of information in order to fully maximize our potentials. In my mind, the economy, politics and a peaceful and healthy society are all related to our living in stimulating environments. And so, having healthy taste buds is about engaging with inspirational, critical and challenging people and communities who are working with integrity.

Taste, whether for food or not, is something that buds, like a flower exposed to sun. It’s important for me, and it’s important for our youth.

young gipsy kids in Istanbul

Hasta pronto.