What’s coming up


The last 2 months have been kind of slow on the post front, but this should change over the next week or 2(depending on when my internship officially finishes).

Over the next few weeks, I will start posting videos once again: cooking videos, and videos about food, and other health related issues.

I will be writing a piece about LUFA Farms, which I visited on Monday. http://www.lufa.com/

I want to post new recipes, and grade them for their health factor, their cost factor, and their seasonal factor.

I want to post about local farms in Québec, and on the Ontario border, possibly on the American border as well. Farms with ethical practices that are near Montreal, when possible.

I also want to write some pieces about our markets, both the more commercial ones, as well as the small farmer’s markets that our organized by local individuals during the warmer seasons.

Anyways, I’ll also keep posting about movies and books occasionally and might start doing restaurant reviews that focus less on saying whether I like it or not, and focus more on what their philosophy is, what you can expect as a diner and so on.

Thanks and see you soon.


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